Facilities we Provide

The Art of Living residential De-addiction package is a one of a unique kind program developed using holistic healing techniques like Yoga, Ayurveda, Counseling, advanced Spiritual Counseling, and Recreation. The idea behind the program is drawn from the Yoga Sutras, the ancient body- mind- soul knowledge.

Some of the Salient Features of Our Program are:

1. Holistic Treatment using Advanced Yoga and Ayurveda.
2. Well Skilled Team of Doctors and Pancha-Karma Therapists.
3. Special Marma treatment a special Ayurvedic treatment.
4. Detailed Individual Investigation and Care.
5. 24X7 Securities and Comfortable Stay with Nature.
6. Art of Living Happiness Program and Advanced Meditation Courses(eligible) included.
7. Satvik Vegetarian Dietary Management.
8. Everyday Yoga, Sudarshana Kriya, Satsang, Spiritual Counseling, Yogic Way of Lifestyle.
9. Individual, Group and Family Psychological Counseling and Aftercare Support.
10. Fun Games, Sports, Music, Art/ Craft Therapies and Recreation also part of the treatment. A good library is available for readers.
11. Poojas, Agnihotra, Festivals, Birthdays and special days are celebrated regularly. Special Homas and Poojas will also be organized for the recovery of the                   patients on a request basis.
12. Special rooms also made available on request.
13. Serene yet accessible location.



Indoor Games

Knowledge Sessions