What to Bring:

15 days worth of clothing (on-site laundry facilities available).
Exercise clothing, yoga wear, and trouser pants.
Past Medical Reports.
LFT Test Report.
Leisure and entertainment items (e.g., books, magazines, etc.)
Non-addictive prescriptions in their original bottles
Bath Room requirements such as slippers, towels, and toothbrush.
Comfortable athletic shoes for gym and /or recreational footwear for hiking.
One Water Bottle.
One photocopy of ID proof such as Adhaar Card.
People who have any items that help them sleep, such a light-blocking mask or a favorite pillow, are encouraged to bring those along as well.
Some of the basic amenities required one.
Contact information for loved ones at home.

What NOT to Bring:

Addictive substances, illegal drugs, and alcohol.
Debit/Credit Card and/or Cash.
Belts and valuable ornaments.
Sharp Items such are harmful.
Shaving kits. ( shaving facility provided here)
Jewelry and large sums of cash should also be left at home. Refrain from packing anything valuable aside from items worn daily, the facility isn’t responsible for their safety.

The most important thing clients need to bring is themselves. A good attitude and a willingness to accept help will produce far more favorable results than anything else.